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Why Coaching?

I’ve spent over twenty years immersed in leadership and personal development. I've read books, listened to podcasts, and engaged in both in-person and virtual training. Yet despite the recurring advice to work with a coach, I hesitated until 2022. When I finally hired a business/leadership coach, I chose someone outside my industry to gain a fresh perspective.


The impact was transformative. My coach provided invaluable insights, unclouded by the stress of my role, enabling more transparent decision-making. As I approached retirement, the idea of coaching resonated deeply. My own coach helped me see this, highlighting the wealth of leadership experiences and principles I've accumulated over the years—knowledge ripe for sharing.


Transitioning into coaching also taught me invaluable lessons about entrepreneurship, applicable beyond a small scale. My journey continues with the same love for learning, channeled into this rewarding new chapter. Stay tuned for more insights...

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