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Less is More

As a solo entrepreneur, the freedom to take my business in any direction leads to numerous opportunities, many of them promising. However, this freedom also poses a problem. With almost no limitations on what I can create, I end up creating a lot but finishing little. Reading this quote regarding pruning from Dr. Henry Cloud’s book Necessary Endings made me realize the need to set priorities to focus and achieve my goals. I've identified three key considerations:

  1. Establish clear priorities: Evaluate opportunities in line with my goals and values. If an idea doesn't contribute to my goals, it shouldn't be a priority. Yet, this alone isn't sufficient.

  2. Consider the time and energy: Assess the effort required to benefit from my ideas. Even if some ideas have high potential, they may demand more time and energy than is feasible. For me, factoring in energy is crucial, as I work best in the mornings. Allocating time in the afternoon for creative work isn't as productive.

  3. Limit the priorities: If everything is a priority, then nothing is. Drawing from my Full Focus training, I limit myself to 3 goals per quarter, 3 major objectives each week, and 3 key tasks each day.

By applying these filters, I'm pruning my list of ideas to something achievable. I'll keep you updated on the progress!

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Roger Smith
Roger Smith
03 de jun.

Thanks Tom, I really like number three. Focus can be a problem, because even though I am my own boss it also means that I am the presenter, researcher, writer, creator, travel coordinator, sales person, marketing executive, and chief janitor. It is a lot!

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